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Everything you need to know so you can use your Casio Cash Register like a pro!

Casio SE-G1 FAQ

+ SE-G1 - How can I rename a department or items?

The SE-G1 is a basic till and does not support the renaming of departments.

+ SE-G1 - How do I set vat rate for each department key?

Follow below steps

  1. Turn mode switch "Key" to PGM
  2. Enter 3 and press "Subtotal"
  3. Enter 0125 and press "Subtotal"
  4. Enter 15 and press "CA/Amt Tend"
  5. Enter 5003 and press "CA/Amt Tend"
  6. Press "Subtotal" to save
  7. Enter 1 and press "Subtotal"
  8. Press the "TAX PGM" button once
  9. Enter "Vat Rate" and press the appropriate Department key
  10. Do step 9 until all your departments are set with Vat
  11. Press "Subtotal" to save
  12. Enter 3 and press "Subtotal"
  13. Enter 0326 and press "Subtotal"
  14. Press 3 cash
  15. Press subtotal
  16. Turn mode switch "Key" to REG position

+ SE-G1 - How to set date & time?

  1. When the display shows blinking “ 0 “ enter “0” and press CA/AMT then enter the – Day – Month – Year as below
  2. e.g 140613 (14th of June 2013)
  3. After above step it will go over to Time mode
  4. Type in the time e.g. 1300
  5. This is a 24 hours system mode
  6. Now Date & Time is set NB: By pressing AC/C key, this procedure returns one by one

+ SE-G1 - Procedure after a power failure?

If the power supply to the cash register is cut by a power failure of any other reason, simply wait for the power to be restored. The details of any ongoing transaction as well as all sales data in the till memory are protected by the memory back up batteries

Power failure during a transaction The subtotal for items registered up to the power failure is retained in memory. You will be able to continue with the registration when power is restored.

Power failure during printing a read/reset report The data already printed before the power failure is retained in memory. You will be able to issue a report when power is recovered.

Power failure during printing of a receipt or the journal Printing will resume after power has been recovered. A line that was being printed when the power failure occurred will be printed in full. The power failure symbol is printed and any items that was being printed when the power failure occurred is reprinted in full.

+ SE-G1 - How do I disable printing on the till?

It is not possible to turn the printer off, due to this being a basic entry level till. You can however change the till to print to a journal rather than a receipt. Whilst doing this is it also possible to reduce the font size to save paper. To do this follows these steps.

  1. Turn the mode switch key to PGM position
  2. Enter 1 & press "Subtotal"
  3. Enter 1 & press "CH" button to set the till to receipt mode, to turn it to journal mode Press 0 followed by "CH" button.

A receipt will print confirming the mode the till is set in. IMPRIMAN TICKET - Receipt Mode IMPRIMAN JOURNAL - Journal Mode

Once done, you can turn the key back to REG mode and make your transactions as normal, with or without the receipt.

+ SE-G1 - How do I obtain daily read and reset reports in X and Z mode?

To obtain a daily X report whilst keeping report data stored in the till, do the following:

  1. Turn the program key to X mode.
  2. Press CA/AMT TEND.

This will print off the view only report of all your transactions. No data will be lost.

To obtain a daily Z report whilst deleting data stored in the till, do the following:

  1. Turn the program key to Z mode.
  2. Press CA/AMT TEND.

This will print off the full report and will WIPE the internal memory of all transactions taken since the last report.

+ SE-G1 - How do i obtain Periodic Reports?

Apart from daily reports, you can obtain periodic sales report. The register prints gross and net total sales data from the last periodic report. Namely, if you do this operation monthly, you can obtain monthly sales reports.

To print a periodic report:

  1. Turn key to either X or Z mode.
  2. Then type in number 10 and Press CA/AMT TEND

+ SE-G1 - How do I create flash reports (Printing Daily management reports)?

To print a Flash Report for present time sales data:

  1. Turn the mode key to the X position.
  2. Press the X/DATE TIME button This will print the present time sales data.

+ SE-G1 - How do I make a basic transaction?

When making a basic sales transaction:

  1. Make sure that the Mode key is set to REG mode.
  2. Type in the price of the product being sold without pressing the decimal point.
  3. Press one of the DEPT keys to confirm the transaction. The DEPT (Department) keys are the white keys located to the right-hand side of the main keypad.

The register will print the amount of the product on the receipt as well as showing on the register display.

  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add another product.
  2. Press SUBTOTAL to display the total amount on the screen.
  3. Now enter in the amount of cash given by the customer and press CA/AMT TEND.

The till drawer will open and the register will show on the display the amount of change you will have to give back to customer.

(For example): The customer buys an item for R11.99 so type in the price without a decimal point (1199). Then press a DEPT button to produce a receipt. Type in the amount of money given by the £15.00 with no decimal point (1500). Now enter in the amount of cash given by the customer and press CA/AMT TEND.

Your basic transaction has been completed.

+ SE-G1 - How do I open the cash drawer without a transaction taking place?

You can use this feature for changing money etc.

To open the cash register drawer without making any transaction, press CHK/NS (Cheque/No Sale) button once. This only works in REG / RF mode.

This opens the cash register drawer without performing a transaction or printing a repeat. However, this will add a no sale note on the end of day report.

+ SE-G1 - How can I cancel the last item put through?

The Err Corr button can be pressed to remove only the last item put through the cash register. To remove an item which was not the last item put on, refer to the 'SE-G1 - How can I void an item' in the FAQ section.

+ SE-G1 - How can I void an Item?

Because the SE-G1 is a basic cash register for new and small businesses, it has only so many functions available.

When a item needs to be voided or the customer would like to return goods, then please follow these instructions

  1. When you have received the receipt, check the price of the item to be refunded and turn your mode key to RF (Refund Mode) when out of a transaction.
  2. Type in the price of the item and press a dept key to place the transaction through the system.
  3. Now press CA/AMT TEND (Cash Button).

This will produce a receipt but this receipt will show RF at the top. This particular amount will be deducted back from your Grand totals at the end of the working day. Remember to turn mode key back to REG position

+ SE-G1 - How can I setup multiple users/clerks?

The below instructions will allow Clerk mode to be used, thus meaning a clerk must be signed on in order to perform a transaction.

  1. Turn the MODE key to PGM MODE
  2. Press 3 and SUB TOTAL.
  3. Type the number 0622 and SUB TOTAL
  4. Type 0262 and press CA/AMT TEND.
  5. Then press SUB TOTAL once receipt has come out.

Now you can turn the key to REG mode and log on with clerks 1-8.

Log on Press the number 1 on the numerical keypad and press the CLK button.

Nothing will show on the display but it will be logged on. The way you can tell this is when you make a transaction you will see on the receipt Cwhere is the clerk number

Log off To sign off a clerk press 0 followed by CLK, alternatively turn the mode key to the OFF position.

+ SE-G1 - How do I set a unit price on a department key?

You can pre-set unit prices in department keys so that you don't have to input a unit price before registering it in a department.

To pre-set a unit price in a department:

  1. Turn the Mode key to PGM mode.
  2. Press 1 and SUB TOTAL.

Now the register is ready to set unit prices in departments.

  1. Input the unit price then press the corresponding department key.

(So for example: type 200 and press Dept 1= R2.00). No decimal point is required.

Once you have pressed the corresponding dept key the register will print a receipt confirming the price you have pre-set for that department.

  1. Repeat step 3 to assign other unit prices to department keys.

When you have used all 8 pre-set department keys, you have up to 24 departments in total to use.

To use them:

  1. Enter a unit price, then press the #/DEPT SHIFT. This will show a -2- on the display or if pressed again will show -3-. These are the pages to which the departments are held.
  2. Press #/DEPT SHIFT button till display shows a -2-then press Dept 1 which is also Dept 9.

The register will once again print confirmation of the departments.

  1. Once you have pre-set your departments, press the SUB TOTAL key to confirm.

+ SE-G1 - How do I set up PLU unit price?

  1. Turn the key to PGM mode, press 1 and SUBTOTAL.
  2. Enter the number you wish to use for PLU (e.g. No.1) then press the PLU key.
  3. Now enter the unit price you wish the PLU to be valued at and press CA/AMT TEND. This will print a receipt to confirm PLU has been set for the price you have added.
  4. Then type the next PLU and follow the same procedure as above. When you are happy and have finished pre-setting the PLU's, press the SUB TOTAL button to save and come out of program mode.

Now you can switch the till to REG mode and to use the PLU functionality. On the numerical keypad:

Type in the PLU number and press PLU. (In this case, No.1)

This will allow you to press PLU button multiple times for such example as 3 drinks priced at the same amount or 5 meals for the same amount. As long as you type in the number of the PLU on the numerical keypad, you can press the PLU button as many times as needed.

The price has now been set to that particular PLU number you have given.

You can have up to 999 PLU's to 24 Departments

+ SE-G1 - What does the letter 'L' on the display mean?

The letter "L" showing on the till display is a low battery indicator.

If you see this indicator this can mean one of two things. There is no memory back up batteries loaded in the cash register. The batteries loaded in the unit are dead. To clear this sign just press the AC/C key.


Whenever the low battery indicator appears on the display, load a set of 2 new AA batteries as soon as possible.

Make sure to keep the power cord of the cash register plugged in whenever you replace the batteries.

If there is a power failure or you unplug the cash register when the indicator appears, you will lose all of your sales data and setting and the till will have to be rebooted from scratch.

+ SE-G1 - My till is frozen and cannot make any Transactions?

If your till is frozen and you cannot make any transactions but the till still bleeps when pressing any buttons or has been set up incorrectly. You will most likely have to hard reset the till.

Hard Resetting will incur switching off the till by turning the key to off mode, unplugging the till from the mains and taking out the batteries from the till underneath the till receipt reel.

This will have to be left for at least 5 -10 minutes, mainly for the fact of allowing the internal memory and the till itself to drain power.

After 10 minutes:

  1. Place the batteries back into the compartment behind the receipt reel.
  2. Then plug the till back in the mains but make sure the till key is still in off mode.
  3. When you turn the power on via the mains, the till will print a receipt asking for the language country code(For UK, please press 0 and the CA/AMT TEND) button (If the register does not ask you for a language country code, please carry on by inputting the date).Once pressed the register will ask you to input the date in 2 digit form (day/month/year).

(no need to press CA/AMT TEND when done, will automatically prompt you for next step)

  1. The till will print another receipt to ask to input the time. (If you are resetting till after 12pm, please input the time in 24-hour format.

The till will print a receipt to confirm that this is complete.

You can now turn the key to REG mode and take transactions.

If there is no digital display or backlight for the till, then a Hard reset would be advised. If the problem persists depending how old the till is, you can take the till back to the dealer you bought it from under their warranty otherwise if not, we can locate a nearby dealer to you to try and fix the issue.

But the callout will be chargeable to you.


Hard Resetting your cash register will cause you to lose your sales and programming data and will have to be re-programmed again.

Casio SE-S100 FAQ

+ SE-S100 - How to setup my Casio SE-S100?

  1. Insert batteries (AA size)
  2. Drop in the thermal paper roll and close the lid
  3. Switch on the power
  4. Follow steps on the printed area(Basic settings such as Language, date, time and Tax rate will automatically start.
  5. Press 0 and CA/TEND for English.
  6. Enter 2 Digits for Day and 2 Digits for Month and 2 Digits for the Year.
  7. Enter 2 Digits for the Hour and 2 Digits for the Minutes.
  8. Enter 5 and CA/TEND for South Africa.
  9. Enter 15 and CA/TEND for tax rate 1
  10. Enter 0 and CA/TEND for tax rate 2
  11. Enter 0 and CA/TEND for tax rate 3
  12. Enter 0 and CA/TEND for tax rate 4
  13. Enter 1 and CA/TEND for Rounding

Your till will reset automatically and is now ready to use.

+ SE-S100 - How to program department names?

  1. Turn mode switch key to PGM
  2. In PGM mode press 2 and press subtotal.
  3. Press the department you wish to program
  4. Use the keyboard with sms method
  5. To go to the next letter press the double zero button.
  6. When done with description press cash button.
  7. Press subtotal to save info.
  8. Turn mode switch key to REG

+ SE-S100 - How to program PLU names?

  1. Turn the key to PGM
  2. Press 2 subtotal
  3. Type in the PLU number and press the PLU button
  4. Type in the description for the item using the keyboard with sms method
  5. Press cash
  6. Press subtotal to save

+ SE-S100 - How to program receipt message?

  1. Turn the key to the PGM mode and press 2 and subtotal
  2. Type the letter 2 and press the CH button this will take you to the first line of the receipt message
  3. Type in the description of the first line and by using the sms method and press cash
  4. Type in the letter 3 and press the CH button this will take you to the second line of the receipt message
  5. Type in the description of the next line by using the sms method again and press cash
  6. Carry on like this until you get to the number 5 this is the last line for the receipt message.
  7. When all is done turn key back to REG.

+ SE-S100 - How to print vat 15% on my receipt?

  1. Key to PGM
  2. Type 3 and press subtotal.
  3. Enter 0322 subtotal.
  4. Type 30 and press cash/tend
  5. Now press "Subtotal" to save and turn key to REG