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Casio SR-S4000M & SR-C4500M

Connects to smartphones via Bluetooth®.

Simple functionality makes a big difference to your business.

The next generation cash register that connects to smartphones via Bluetooth®.

The Casio ECR+ smartphone app offers a range features including register configuration and the ability to check sales figures.

It’s an information terminal that transcends conventional cash registers to simplify operations and help your business grow.


The SR-S4000M & SR-C4500M offer Bluetooth communications capabilities, which eliminate the need for extra cabling and allows the terminals to be a placed in a location that best suits the needs of the business.

Via the CASIO ECR+ App running on Android/iOS devices, users can easily setup, transfer program data to the cash register and execute daily X/Z reports via the Bluetooth connection.

The CASIO ECR+ App will transfer the X/Z sale totals (financial, transaction, department, cashier, PLU, group & hourly) automatically to a remote Cloud server at no additional expense.





Make your Data work for you with the Smartphone App

Displays store sales in graphical format so you can see any store’s performance at a glance.

View weekly, monthly and annual graphs of store sales to more effectively analyse and predict sales performance.

You can view data going back up to 25 months. Data beyond that period is not viewable.



Run your store in a smarter way! Use your smartphone to easily set up products and change prices on the cash register.

Streamline the time-consuming task of managing cash register settings and data. Print promotional campaign information on receipts to attract more customers and increase business.



Easily create helpful log entries. You can store not only text but photos and sales graphs as well.

Record daily store activity that you can check at a glance. Reviewing log entries can provide hints to help resolve issues.


Cloud-based example screen subject to updates.


Watch the promotional movie to see why a Bluetooth®-equipped register makes such a difference!



CASIO ECR+ Mobile App

Casio ECR+ connects cash register and smartphone with Bluetooth® Low Energy, you can easily check cash register settings and sales confirmation.

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Full Suite of Basic Features for a User-Friendly Experience


A simple design to match a variety of stores

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Adjustable display unit with 10-line LCD

The high-definition blue display makes data input easy to check. Inputting and checking a bill is smoother with improved visibility and ease of use.

Casio SR-C4500 Display.jpg


High-speed printer

Fast printer with 20 lines/sec output reduces customer waiting time during busy periods.

Casio SR-C4500 Printer.jpg


Back up register data to an SD card

Use an SD card to back up data stored on the register. You can also configure cash registers and manage sales with PC tools.

Casio SR-S5000 SD Card.jpg


Pop-up display for customers

The customer display is an easy-to-see blue backlight. Helps prevent cashier errors to instill greater trust in your store.

Casio SR-S5000C4500 Customer Display.jpg


Steel drawer that is durable and aesthetically pleasing

The high-quality steel outer casing of the drawer is very robust. You can have confidence that this register will last a long time.

Casio SR-S5000C4500 Cash Drawer.jpg

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