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Casio SE-G1 Cash Register

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Match The Color To Your Store Decor

The Casio SE-G1 series cash registers allows you to “Match the Colour of Your Store Decor” with (five) different colours to choose from. Cabinet colours black, red, pink, blue and white are available to coordinate the colour schemes in your place of business.

Functionally the machines provide a high speed single station thermal printer with the ability to program the receipt header message to print your business details. The large easy to read operator and built-in rear customer LCD display assure accuracy in prices being entered through one of the eight (8) “Fast Selling” department keys or through one of the 999 PLU’s.


Hardware Features

High-visibility LCD

Easy-to-read large LCD display at the height of 25mm with 8 digits.

The large LCD offers excellent visibility for shop staff and customers to easily confirm sales transactions.

Customer Display

Customer Display

Operator Display.jpg

Operator Display


Quiet thermal printer

SE-G1 registers are the first in their class to be equipped with a thermal printer that offers quiet operation and attractive output.

Drop-in paper loading is convenient and effortless.

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“Receipt Message” can be programmed with 5 lines of business information.

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Default size on Journal *Normal printing*

Compressed printing size on Journal

Sanitary anti-bacterial keyboard


Antimicrobial keyboard conforms with ISO 22196 standard.

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Multipurpose tray


A multipurpose tray helps keep the cash register area neat and tidy.


Other Features

Supports up to 999 PLUs

Support for up to 999 price lookups (PLUs) makes these registers suitable for use in shops carrying a wide variety of products. (Price Only)

Receipt Customisation

Customise receipts by adding messages, store names, phone numbers or Vat no.

Envionmentally Friendly

Eco-conscious product design, with compact size, and use of recycled material in the cash register body and packaging.

  • Journal and receipt printing selection

  • Battery backup for memory protection ( Batteries are not included)

  • Three ways to tender payment (cash, charge, or check)

  • Save printing paper by choosing just to display result of the transaction on the LCD

  • Easy-to-use calculator function

  • Simple mode switching

  • Easy Step by Step setup guide included or view our training videos


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